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About Us

welcome to Al Twayiba

Al Twayiba, started by experienced and qualified engineers who joined together to explore and deliver the quality service with high standards. The dynamism and momentum gained with 20 years of solid experience in the service and engineering sector has enabled the company to forge ahead with power and build enduring professional relationships, which have been nurtured over the years with utmost care. With our 20-years of expertise, we have gained knowledge in all areas of the service industry .
  • Repair
  • Maintenance
  • Refurbishment
  • Overhauling for Industrial Machineries and Equipments

Our featured services

Installation, Maintenance & Overhauling

To keep your machines running better and longer, having the right maintenance and repair program is essential. We have been able to service our client tremendously also by providing them with spares that are not easy to come by. As a result machines and equipment have been kept running to support production.

  • Compressor packages
  • Water systems
  • Pressure washing systems
  • Diesel Generators
  • Heat, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems (HVAC)
  • High mast, Tower and Street lights
  • Building small power distribution system

Building cleaning services

Cleaning of the building can be done regularly or it can be done as one-off cleaning or one-time cleaning – whichever suits your needs. You can select from among the services that we offer and ask for our cleaners. We have a great team of cleaners for your buildings.

Industrial painting and Anti-corrosion protective coating services

We are highly experienced in painting across a variety of markets and challenging environments. From our core service in tower painting to electricity substations, communication masts, gas infrastructure, bridges, pipes, tanks, fuel containers and leisure arenas, we can self-deliver industrial painting for any large scale steelworks project. We’re dedicated to health, safety and protecting the environment and have a highly trained workforce.